How do I get my Victims' Rights?
How do I get my Victims' Rights?

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Victims' Rights in Arkansas lack a state constitutional amendment for enforceable victims' rights. Arkansas Victims' Rights laws exist via state statute. By law, all law enforcement agencies are to provide, inform, and explain victims' rights to victims of crime. Law enforcement agencies include police agencies, prosecuting attorney offices, post prison transfer / probation agencies, and any post-conviction agencies (including holding facilities).

Victim Responsibility: Victims must request the rights they want to use at each stage of the process. This requires victims to notify police agencies, prosecuting attorney offices, victim advocates, post prison transfer/probation agencies, and post-conviction agencies of each right the victim wants to put into action.

“Victims deserve to be informed of their rights while treated with fairness, dignity and respect.”

A Survivor’s Note.

The story behind Laura’s card!

"As a survivor of vehicular assault, I know violence is about control. I have high hopes that Laura's card will educate and empower victims and their families. Information and available resources help victims take back their lives. Victims and their families are entitled to rights and resources that will assist them in their journey to recovery. It is my hope that tragedy will be turned to triumph, and victims will become victors."

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